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A.I.D.S Killed the beast

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A.I.D.S killed the beast By: Mbulelo Roto/Aether the celestial chapter Relation shipBy: Mbulelo Roto/Aether the celestial chapter Beast in the spirit. Beast on arms. Beast in the mind. Beast in the flesh. Smile, joy and happiness its what defines the heart of the beast. A Jewellery, money and township shebeens its what describes the body of the beast. Promiscuity, sexual adventures and unprotected sex its what explains the soul of the beast. Scholarships, a bursary and a high salary its what motivates the beast every day. Fancy cars, a high class mansion of glass, strip clubs, overseas vacations, prosperity, wealth and multiple sex partners classifies humanity of the beast. A beautiful future, colorful dreams, the charming and the best lady loving men in the world and the so called Einstein when it comes to a marathon of academics. But one day, the darkness closed this chapter!! The disease struck the bones of the beast. STDs destroyed the beasts book of life. Antibiotics were just scars themselves, by causing internal bleeding. The killer virus just imploded in his inner being blemishing the emotional mosaic. Bubbles of Babylon burst through the condom and demons started to burn the magic stick of the beast. Doctors and Gods couldnt help because this incurable A.I.D.S spray can cannot be painted with. On behalf of the voice of the beast My pen remains a dirty village of shrinking white blood cells covered with the skin of death. She floats on Jerusalem with this boat. The heaven habitat of her emotions is attached to the equity of the oceans. She can taste the salt of this valley any time of the day especially when the love she receives from her men is in vain. Shes in a relationship with the invisible beach by the frontiers of the quick sand. Shes a Cleopatra by photograph, reality physique and fantasy figures. When the universe turns and clock ticks, she wrestles with soldiers of this counterfeit love. She is happily married but the ring on her fingers is rotten like satanic vegetative mental states. She claims that the white wedding is real but the white gown is actually frozen in a broken hearted snow. She conceived two babies for this men but she finds herself in prison bars convicted for maintenance. Shes being cheated on and her soul is crucified to every cornerstone of the H word, hurt. She has committed herself to the demon trait that shes following. She has gone all out by dancing to beats and drums of the orgasm with this man but at the end of the tunnel she found A.I.D.S reflecting wounds upon her skin. She is now eating a meal where misery is considered as a salad. She drowns with this relation ship until the waters are colored by death. Now, this relation ship is to be continued in the next titanic sorrow by.

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these are my poems.i'm sure you'll enjoy




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Date: 8/26/11
Music: Rap / Hip Hop