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Bones By: Aether the Celestial Chapter Life within my eternal caption The celestial note of my skeletal fashion Sometimes captured inside rancid portraits of chemical reaction Bullet tinted God flesh frame in every corrupt system repercussion Arthritis my friend walks the rickety rackety maze destinations He finds raptures along the barefooted steps of time, nor imagination I find standstill momentum on broken X-Ray radiation The Sun of God and the Daughter of the Moon are by my concoction Eclipsing my hands of time beyond my bone marrow constriction A victim of osteoporosis in the crux of debility...poetry muscle infliction Allegorical ashes douse frothing skins and crystal coffins Instrumental distortion Violins and guitars cluttered inside tombstones with stale sounds intermission Musical chords vigorous to entice caskets narration Singers of thin layered spontaneous combustion Born in the bone fractured slum village with kids of cancer penetration Their dreams lie in the sewer labyrinth while they bask in rubbish agitation Brains of emptied poetry canisters, could divulge a pen of perfect malformation Funerals of volcanic eruptions They determine a plagued shroud for my burial substance emission Rotten epidermis illustrations With noisy Hospitals cuffed in my photo album commission My family arranges my black magic scrolls in antique cremation My spirituality writes a bloodied letter for my urn resurrection Brake bones...hatchet invasion Crack bones...caricature equivocation Snapping bones...sense mutation I'm floating in the valley of death, so programmed in my alienated spine formation Atlas power thrust in the storm Vertebrae strength clutch in a pocket as detonating bombs Hours bleed in a minute catacomb Seconds handle thorns until my time span is struck, tissue crumbling form Needles conquer my crutches Match sticks burn my book of life with a mantle that smudges Fireplaces spit spells Charcoals ring flammable bells The legs of my generation with bile smells Dies and cries whilst i record voices, in cut throats, swells Register my bones in heaven and hell In an anger management faculty i dwell

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my poem tiltled Bones.i'm sure yol will enjoy.




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Date: 8/30/11
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