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The Legend of Girl Island Theme

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I worked really hard on this, so the least anyone could do is listen and review letting me know how it turned out. I finished it in only a night or two, but it was a lot of work I guess. Beat myself up trying to get it just right. :P

This is one of my first melodies written after I got my first keyboard in 7th grade... amped up some. :) The car rev is a Lamborghini Murcielago. Woo, that thing sounds cool! Gotta get me one of those. ;) Tried making the listener feel like they're apart of the Girl Island story. Girl Island is about four guys getting offered a challenge to live on an island (where boys aren't allowed) for a few years to win big money. We must not leave, and we must not get arrested by the Girl Police. If we get arrested, we have 2 days and nights to escape jail. The comic was created by me and three of my friends in 2002, and was heavily influenced by the old Need For Speed games (specifically Hot Pursuit and High Stakes).

Music by Ben Mullins
Guitars by Ben Mullins
Vocal shout by Ben Mullins
Art by Ben Mullins
LGI created by Tosh Jarrett, Preston Williams, Charles Hurd, & Ben Mullins




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Votes: 3
Views: 1,145
Date: 9/10/11
Music: Electronica