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This got to #1 on the charts of www.acidplanet.com on July 18, 2011! Didn't expect that. :)

In 8th grade or so, I was a HUGE Need for Speed fan. :P I mainly loved the game because of the music. I've always had the dream to have one of my songs make it on a NFS game ever since I was in 8th grade. I even remember turning off the music on the game and playing my music through headphones just to see what it looked like to play the game to my music. HA! :P That was probably WAY later on when I got a music program (which was in 2006). But here, you can imagine "Drift" as in what cars do when they slide corners in races. Or you can think of what racers do drifting off of someone's wind to gain speed (like they do in NASCAR). Either one. I just named the song drift. :P Wrote it for a comic of mine called The Legend of Girl Island... created in 2002.

Music written and produced by Ben Mullins




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Date: 9/10/11
Music: Electronica