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So Handsome



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Heads up... if you're a lame dude lookin for a serious song, don't listen. :P

I tried out singing the female vocals with something new. Instead of singing then raising the pitch (making it sound like a mouse), I found a tone in my voice that sounds more feminine. Also found that adding a high frequency exciter to these vocals make them sound a lot more feminine. I like this a LOOTTT more than the mouse sound. :P So yes, the "women" singing is actually me... no effects besides a high frequency exciter and reverb... and some chorus. ;)

NOTE: At the end when I'm voice acting as one of the girls, I'm saying "I was just here for the PAY" as one of them. It almost sounds like "I was just here for the pee." HA!!! :P Wanted to clear that up.

Verse 1 (Duf):
Can't take your eyes off me.
You realize I'm the... handsome one.
I'm like a magnet to you,
Oh don't you know it's true.
I'm so handsome!

Pre-Chorus 1:
(Doov) Don't you know he's like a fire
With a burning desire.
He'll catch your heart.
(Dube) And I gotta fart.

Chorus 1 (Duf):
So so so so handsome.
He's so so so so handsome.

Verse 2:
(Dube) Bologna with cheese,
mayonnaise, and bread and bread
Taste good to me!
(Duf) DUBE, this is my song!
(Dube) Oh really? I didn't know that.
Gonna eat my cheesecake now!

Pre-Chorus 2:
(Doov) Don't you know he'll blow your mind!
(Dube) And I'm sharp as... TOILET PAPER!
(Doov) Right from the start.
(Dube) And I still gotta fart!

Chorus 2 (Dube):
So so so so random,
He's so so so so random!

Chorus 3 (Doov):
So so so so awesome.
He's so so so so awesome!

Music and lyrics copyright © 2011 Ben Mullins
All vocals and voices by Ben Mullins
Art by Ben Mullins




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Votes: 5
Views: 1,812
Date: 9/10/11
Comedy: Other