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The Doovie Brothers cartoon band - Standing Strong CD cover

cartoon, band, rock, Christian, music

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A CD cover idea I drew for my Doovie Bros cartoon band Standing Strong live CD. ;) They're not real people, so they really can't go out and do live concerts. But I do try to make the songs sound like they were recorded live. I love concerts and the whole atmosphere of them, so I try to make you feel you're at the concert. :/ Try at least... :P

Art copyright © 2011 by Ben Mullins

Left to right, characters are...

Lil' Boe Barton: keys/BGV's
Johnny Wright: bass guitar
Tierra Tyball: guitar
Toby Tyball: guitar/vocals
Phil Marshall: vocals
Doov Groove: vocals
Mack McDonald: guitar
Mary Marshall: keys
and Jack "Ringo" Blackster (drummer) is there, just behind all the fog. :P




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Date: 9/24/11
Art: Drawing