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What I Learned From Love

What Ive Learned From Love By Boogie Love Love should not make a beggar out of one And one should never feel less valid if they cannot receive it It is far better to be with the one you want Rather than to stay with some simply because you say you "need it" Love should not be something one has to study for Lesser yet, one should never have to beg, barter or qualify No true love can ever grow behind closed doors Nor can it ever be gained through our tiny, little lies Love should not take the best of you Unless it really makes the other person just a little bit better Love must be solely handled by its horns And a relationship should never amount to a simple "Dear John" letter What I've learned from love is this: It's beautiful and horrific in all its splendor And it's hard to find our perfect match Within this game we call "Happily After Never" There are too many people upon our Earth And to say there's only on for us is simply so unfathomable But to know that you can choose that special one Makes this twisted feeling feel just a little more tangible

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Just something inspired by "Valley of the Dolls"... hope you enjoy!




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Date: 10/29/11
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