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As Mortals


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As Mortals By Boogie Love What happens when the daylight comes And we, as mortals, cannot go home? To handle this life with great care Is a feeling, I feel, we'll never know How can we deny ourselves our enlightenment? Or not spare the hurt that we create? No one here is safe And even yesterday is far too late We all look at ourselves in the mirror To feel that we, as mortals, are all right Walking around with our own eyes closed We live inside a perpetual state of night Running fast to finish last Or to barely cross the finish line It seems the thing that we all fear Is misplacing our own sweet time Everyone here seems to be SO busy And, as mortals, we feel like we are important Yet, this pedestal we place ourselves on Is surely given without warrant Please, slow down and pay attention And just SHUT THE FUCK UP and listen With all this endless chatter It's this life that we are missing

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This one was inspired by general anger towards society... and even I am in that realm. Let's face it- we all are.




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Date: 10/29/11
Other: Writing