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Head Games

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Head Games By Boogie Love When the moon is high And our lights are turned down low I go to the only place The only place that I claim "home" I put you in my mouth Twirling, tasting, seeking to find A nectar of your own A sweet honey that's just mine Slowly rising towards the moon Then gently back down to your skin These heady games we play Is, secretly, our sweet sin Pull it out, then slip it in Lost in all our splendor Working for the moment When you shake and quiver I will always be here My shoulders, a place your legs can rest Look me in the eyes And fill my head with your sweet mess Roll over and fall asleep Dreaming of our sweet head games Wake me in the morning And in the light of day, we'll play the same

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This one is pretty self-explanitory




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Date: 10/29/11
Other: Writing