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God Responds

Gods Response By Boogie Love Is there really a meaning A cause, rythm, or path? I can read real good But I cannot do the math What is it you want To feel, hear or see? What will ever prove to you That I am not make believe? I'm as real as ever Every piece of your flesh, blood and bone Please take my hand And we'll find your way home I made you in my image It's beautiful, bright and not askew Rest your head upon my shoulder And I will always rescue If the sun is gone Just set, frozen or fried Know that it was me That day you really died It is so profound No less than divine, exquisite, and great virtue You must believe in me For I surely believe in you

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And this is the second part. It just came out of nowhere. It sounds really lame, but it was like God literally flowed out of my pen. NOTE: I'm not sayin'g I'm God... just one of his favorites! Lol! Jk! Enjoy!




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Date: 10/29/11
Other: Writing