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Little Drummer Boy

Little Drummer Boy By Boogie Love My little drummer boy With eyes sky blue How am I to live Now that Im without you To hear your song again Would ease my wooden heart To hear your frozen breath Would more than tear me apart I see you standing in the distance With your back facing me While I am swallowed And lost to the sea My little drummer boy With your lies so sweet I drain my life of you As I melt into the heat I see you looking up At me upon the stake As my life, it is All that you could take No tears here Left that I can cry As I watch you Slowly watching me die This time was too short, and your love was crippling My wrist now slit My livelihood slowly dripping Oh, little drummer boy Whom shall never come home For you to see Ive slipped quietly into the unknown My little drummer boy Wearing his torn Sunday dress I gave you my everything But suppose it wasnt best I hang upon the stake The fire reaching me fast Play your song for me As my wish, that is my last

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Date: 10/29/11
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