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Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces By Boogie Love When the thrill of living Has finally burnt away When the dreams weve shared Sink beneath the day I find myself shattered Broken pieces on the floor The ghost of you I see Is an even worse torture The pain is very real Like a truth you know it bad We tried to fight our time Yet, time is all we ever had You are in a glade A brute image in my mind I try to put myself together With tiny pieces that I find It will never end And you will never leave Everything I hear Is not as it should be I just want to be alone Deep inside of my own thoughts But your ghost is always with me And that is all that I have got I wish to fall asleep And finally have a dream Instead of suppressed flashbacks Of those things I didnt mean I shall keep you close Deep beneath my bitter skin I will shed it all tonight And forgive me for my sins

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Date: 10/29/11
Other: Writing