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Back In My Arms - The Doovie Brothers (re-edited)

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The Doovie Brothers (name comes from Doov’s name, one of the singers) are a cartoon band I created back around 2004 or so. But I never really got into the concept of the cartoon band until around 2008-09. I use all of my talents in The Doovie Brothers. I draw their pictures and what they look like, I write their music, I write their lyrics (unless it's a cover), I sing as them, I play all the guitars as them (not Bass though), and I voice act as each of the 7 members... but I try to make them sound like they're a real band. :)

Phil Marshall is the lead singer (most of the time) and is a trumpet player as well. As you know, I write their music... but in my imaginary cartoon world, Phil does most of the writing of their music. He comes from Australia and has the accent, mixed with the Southern American accent (actually since I voice act as him, I stink at Australian accent). :P

Doov Groove is the background vocals person, but he will sing lead in some songs (like the chorus of ths one). He's also where I got the name "Doovie" from. :P He's also a sax and trombone player. He's the one with the goofy cartoony voice. For the most part, his voice and Toby's sound odd, but Phil's voice is my natural singing voice... just with a little accent... kinda...

Toby Tyball is the guitarist (usually lead guitar), and he sometimes sings bass vocals. He has the manly deep voice (that comes in at the pre-chorus). :P

Mack McDonald is the other guitarist. He is a new husband to his wife, Michelle McDonald. They've got a song written for her too called Michelle... ha, yea I'm an idiot. :P

Johnny Wright is the bass player. He is the only bald guy. :)

Lil' Boe Barton is the keyboard/piano player. His name says it all. He's literally a midget, but he proves size has nothing to do with musical potential. :) He also sings sometimes, but VERY rarely.

Jack "Ringo" Blackster is the drummer... if you couldn't tell. His nick name is Ringo because that was the name of The Beatles' drummer. :)




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Date: 12/13/11
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