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Doovie Bros 12-11-11

cartoon, band, pencil

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This picture was scanned as a work in progress, but I thought I'd add some text and make an actual picture out of it. :P Still a work in progresss I guess. I plan on adding ink and coloring it sometime.

Art copyright © 2011 by Ben Mullins

The Doovie Brothers (name comes from Doov’s name, one of the singers) are a cartoon band I created back around 2004 or so. But I never really got into the concept of the cartoon band until recently. I use all of my talents in The Doovie Brothers. I draw their pictures and what they look like, I write their music, I write their lyrics (unless it's a cover), I sing as them, I play all the guitars as them (not Bass though), and I voice act as each of the 7 members... but I try to make them sound like they're a real band. :)


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Date: 12/13/11
Art: Drawing