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Keep Pressing On (original song)

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Wrote this for my future wife, whoever and where ever she is. I was taught in youth by my youth pastor that God has a spouse picked out for everyone. I was also taught to pray for my future spouse. Well, I've been doing so ever since... as well as writing songs for her. :) Just got me a bass guitar for Christmas, so haven't had it too long. But I LOVE IT! :D

Music/lyric by Ben Mullins
Vocals by Ben Mullins
Electric guitar by Ben Mullins
Bass guitar by Ben Mullins

Verse 1:
Looking out into the horizon,
Are you there? Can you hear me?
I can't wait for your arrival.
Are you near? I'm waiting for you patiently.

Maybe you're out in a hurricane,
Wet and cold can't see the light of day.
And maybe you're just like me today
Waiting for the day we see face to face.

Keep pressing on, you'll make it I know.
Son one day, we will see.
Keep standing strong, never give up hope,
For God will lead us to meet.

Verse 2:
Are you having trouble where you are?
Are you hurt? Are you in pain?
Well I wanna wipe away your scars,
And clean the dirt from your face.

Well, I hope I see you really soon,
So I can be right by your side
And keep the storms away from you,
So you can be happy in your life.

Oh I'm anxious to meet you,
And I'm anxious to see you,
The pretty face that warms my heart inside.

Oh I'm anxious to meet you,
Are you anxious for me too?
You're what's keeping me alive.




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Date: 1/21/12
Music: Pop