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X-Men fanseries: Phoenix Saga

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Ever watch an X-Men movie or Cartoon and think, "Why didn't they do it more like the story in the comic book?" Well, we did too. So we decided to make a fan series based off the heroes we grew up with. This is live action and rated R for the gritty way its been revised. Its bloody and the language is of an adult nature. But comics are not just for kids anyway. We are able to take risks with characters because we are looking at what characters are the most marketable or because some focus group does not like something. We are fans and we are having fun, even if no one else likes our work. We can say we gave it a shot rather then just grumbling about other people's work. The first season is based on the original comic Phoenix Saga. Don't expect it to look like the movies or the 90s cartoon. We are still filming the 7 part first season now, However we are also in the planning stage of season 2


1/28/2012 10:55 AM Premium
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Date: 1/28/12
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