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Springtime In the Rockies (revised editon)


Spring In The Rockies Peeking out from the early morning mist Snowcapped, glistening white Serene and majestic she stands. Pushing her sensual peeks towards the heavens Looking forward to melting her winters growth; Her blankets of soft white snow While tiny buds birth themselves Under the cool earth, pushing slowly To the surface, reaching towards the light. As the warm rays of the morning sun Kiss their sleepy tendrils awaking life, Streams of water slowly swishing by Making a pathway down the mountain Emptying into the quiet valley below. Small chards of light dance on the Little pools of golden liquid melted by The heat of the hot sun shining brightly In the azure Canadian sky, Kissing everything good morning. It's Springtime in the Rockies. (c) revised edition Jane Wayburn 2012

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rewritten in 2012




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Date: 2/4/12
Other: Writing