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LoneSWolf, Larc, T-W-C

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"Arameth. . . I am the murderer of whatever happiness you could have ever known. Her body, or what's left of it once I killed her, is nothing more then ashes in the breeze that flows between us." she replied, her arms crossed around her body as the pain of what she had done hit her hard, causing her to fall to her knees, her tears utterly uncontrollable.

"She's. . . she's dead?" Arameth asked, his mind in shock, as he dropped his sword to the ground and stood there. Lacrencia nodded, tears smudging up the dirt on her face. "I'm sorry Arameth. . .I just didn't want you to die. . " Lacrencia said before having to stop to gulp for air in her personal agony. "You're. . .a goddess now." Arameth said, looking at his companion with the shock he felt written all over his face.

"I have become that of which I feared. I am those that I fought against all my life. I am not worthy of your praises, and compliments. I have become this!" Lacrencia yelled in desperation, revealing her God form, staring at Arameth with those same black eyes. But, where madness was, sadness had taken it's place. Arameth stared as her magic aura, with it's flicks of lightening surrounded her, filling her vicinity with a never ending breeze from her power.

"I killed you, I killed myself, and I killed any kind of happiness we could have known. I have become that which you hate, a God that does things for their own reasons."
- excert from 'The Warrior Chronicles' Chapter 28: The Warrior's Broken Dreams

•Read more at: :icont-w-c:

Woo. . .so this monster of a piece is done! -sigh of relief- Normally I don't take too long with my pictures, but eh, shows what I know, right?

Really wish I coulda worked on those wings a bit more, but then again. . . it's 11pm here, and I'm due up for work in a lovely 7ish hours once I hit the hay.

I am opening this up for critiques. . .though i know the wings, and the guy in general is fucked up. Along with my attempt to make scratches. If anyone sees anything else, say something! ^_^

And lookie, shooting star!

Time: who knows

You can read the story at: t-w-c.deviantart.com




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Date: 4/13/12
Art: Drawing