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David Archuleta Sketch : Archusketch #6

David, Archuleta, Sketch, Pencils, Black

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Because I just freakishly miss David, his weird, random ramblings and crazy-adorable giggle, i got nothing else better to do than sketch his face over and over again.

Anyway, I ran out of pastels so I went back to the basics for this sketch I made this using my sketch pad, my trusty ol'pencil, a little bristle brush, and an eraser, lol. I eliminated some lines on the face, like the circles under the eyes, the lip lines, to make his face look smoother while keeping the fierce kinda look on his facial expression. Horray for me too, I finished it for, like, 3 days! Yahaa! I usually spend weeks for my artworks, and I'm glad that I finished this one for such a short time..haha! 3 days is already short for me, lol.




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Votes: 10
Views: 830
Date: 7/15/12
Art: Drawing