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Roach Prufe by Julian Turner



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Words and Music by Julian Turner
Recorded Carlisle, PA
The story behind this song:
I once decided to visit our state capitol, Washington, D.C to witness with my own eyes what the Democracy was all about. I wanted to see this place, the Library of Congress, the White House and just what type of environment our congressman and senators lived in. Went I got there, I only had the money in my pockets to survive and live off. I wandered up and down the streets and was fascinated by the architecture. The creatures carved in stone. Anyway, I had to find a way to get back into the work force. There were this young lady pushing this cart with these boxes. I inquired. She told me all about it. I visited this company that was selling security equipment and also sending people out to sell this product called Roach Prufe. You only make a dollar off each can you sell. So, I got involved. First couple of days was not much to write mom about. So, I decided to write a song, get a bullhorn and promote the product while I was out there selling the stuff. The people were flocking in from all different directions, laughing, having a great time and buying the product of course. I made enough money in just a couple of days to get a room, buy a couple white shirts and ties, and off to the temporary agencies. I was out of D.C. in a matter of months. It was a period in my life I now can look back on and laugh about. So, if you want to win the battle over the roaches, get yourself some Roach Prufe. Good stuff!




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Date: 12/17/12
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