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Katarina Katarina FriedleinFriedleinReduceReuseThe first /most effective component of the waste hierarchy is reducing the waste we create Consumers are encouraged to reduce their waste by purchasing in bulk, buying items with less packaging and switching to reusable instead of single-use items Businesses can adopt manufacturing methods that require fewer resources and generate less wasteIn addition to benefiting the environment, these efforts often offer consumers and businesses the financial incentive of lower expenses in purchasesDespite efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated, consumers and businesses still create substantial wasteU.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that each American generated 4.3 pounds of waste daily in 2009Much of this waste can immediately be reused to minimize the strain on the environment/municipal waste management. For example, consumers can refill a purchased bottle of water with water from home to minimize the number of plastic bottles being discarded. Consumers have a financial incentive here as well, as municipal water is far cheaper than bottled water.RecycleDisposalWaste is eventually discarded, segregating items for recycling from other waste is importantRecyclables include glass, newspaper, aluminum, cardboard and a surprising array of other materials. Waste that cannot be reused or recycled in some form eventually finds its way to disposalThis disposal includes landfills, but an increasing number of municipalities have elected to alter waste into resource recovery programsThese recovery methods use the waste to generate electricity or produce raw materials for industry needsHowever, resource recovery is not without its own undesirable effects, such as pollution from incineratorsLead, for example, has one of the highest recycling rates because of laws requiring the recycling of lead-acid batteries. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, recycled lead accounts for 90 percent of the lead used in manufacturing today.Some waste, however, is not suitable for resource recovery methodsREDUCEUse cold water when possibleReuse one-sided paper for printingMake plates of extra leftovers for someones dog or another personUse leftovers to put into other mealsMake enough in one meal to make leftovers which could last for days if they (the meals) are made rightDont always go to places to eatmake homemade mealsOther recyclables could go into other bottles like milk jugs and water bottlesUse other containers that are reusableUnplug some electronics that dont get used that oftenUse insulted windows, doors, etc.I tend to make gifts when I do not have the $ to do soMake multiple appointments in one place on the same daydoctorPut water into a Brita pitcherDont have to fertilize the lawnneighborhood animals do that for usPlant trees, bushes, & shrubs to reduce billsI do the best I can Everything around here gets recycled in some wayRecycle every thing that I canHelps warm the house in the winter Shade in the summerWe have reduced a lot We even put more into recycling now Depending on what the item is Clothes What other people do not wantGive to charities like your local food shelf & GoodwillIf it held some type of meat; it gets thrown out

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