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Hagia Sophia


hagia sophia, santa sophia, istanbul, turkey, holiday

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Istanbul is taken by me and Hagia Sophia istanbul holidays, dating and you brief information about the history of you with a nice picture. I think this is the most beautiful architecture of the structure and the Hagia Sophia istanbul istanbul istanbul every point also appears to have been built on top of the most beautiful. Hagia sophia 532 Someone in the construction and during construction 10,000 worked and was held within a very short period, such as five years. "The first Christian name of the eastern Roman konsatine the emperor's name, and gave his name to this city, this city also has capital of the world. The world's biggest Orthodox Byzantine Emperor Justinian in Istanbul the church was built, and here are very nice tile and mosaic pictures of them in the most beautiful thing in the hands of Constantine and Justinian walls elinmde istanbul virgin mary with child in her arms while sitting on hagia sophia offer as a gift to Jesus Christ. architecture, the magnificent dome of this building is very nice and the place In 1453, Istanbul was conquered by Sultan mehmetg and then converted to a mosque here, and this is the first of four minarets were added and a very large restarasyon study was carried out. In the last 50 years, this place serves as a museum.

Hagia sophia from across the world for making this place before and ephesus'dan two marble columns were first made ??hagia sophia is much smaller than the other one made
??of wood burned and destroyed and made ??this a great and a wonderful eser.Hagia ater nika revolt called sophi Oldcity There are in the works around the historic peninsula across a large number of non-blue mosque ottoman sultan ahmet this time, having been A mosque is a work of the architect Mehmet Efendi sedekar. is dominated by the blue color in texture. Which are spread over a very large area is right next to the Topkapi place hagia sophia sultanahmet square, and are located in the center.


7/30/2013 8:07 AM Premium
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