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Istanbul Islands


istanbul, santa sophia, istanbul, turkey, holiday

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Istabul islands an ideal place for a very special day. This is a great trip Kabatas ferry boat departs from the dock to the boat slowly, very nice the sea is arbitrary. birds seagulls with bread and pretzels moving boat threw the air and also the ferry Cafes obviously on a very enjoyable to drink. steamer four 1.5-hour ride to the island, and is undergoing the most beautiful of these is the name of the large island in order heybeli KINALI concluded Burgas. To use the car all the islands ambulance, police and fire department use only allowed out of his motor vehicle and transportation are bicycles and horse-drawn carriage. The entire island is a very nice swim in the sea, and entered into every corner of the island, the sea, the sea beach is very clean and very nice and welcoming. There are picnic areas and a place
where magnificent wooded island and a top There is a very beautiful island scenery at the top of the area with a very nice view of the island from here you can drink tea.

The island is a classic Ottoman architecture with a very nice esereleri streets and houses with gardens are very nice here too beautiful roses are the flowers of the garden of each house. Delicious ice cream sold in a beautiful square in the island, and there are numerous bakeries. The island is an ideal place to walk to the beach here is wonderful tea gardens march is a seaside trails are beautiful. There is a very delicious fish restaurants by the sea and a great sea of crops There are places that I enjoyed most about the turkish appetizer of grilled fish and great with very nice about it. If you do not want to fish souk, where the island is very grilled meatballs are beautiful historic island. In the evening, the place is very nice and very large entertainment centers, a cottage in a wooded area full of trees here.
Blur Warning, Date ferry service to the island is a large number of the port istanbul kabatas every day.




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Date: 7/31/13
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