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Turkish Night Show


istanbul, turkish, night, show, dinner

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Turkish night show with plenty of really nice dinner dance music. our hotel in a private vehicle and that the ones who originally sultanamhmet in a private vehicle We went to a very wide range of improvisation here and there were about 500 people, a large living room furnished with gorgeous decor design had english. Ottoman motifs everywhere curtain fabric is used, and it was great. Ordada had a big scene, and we sat on the front, and our preference for a location fix menu. the ones who originally lovely lady The first came on the scene and made ??a very nice dance, belly dancer, which was very difficult lithe movements of a dance with a lovely welcome. That are specific to Anatolia and later a large number of local moving too fast, especially in the black folklore show was a dance of figures, and then on the basis of a dance called Asuk-masuk this Type a funny little dance. Stage one was the throne, and the dancers and the cut-throat race seyircilerdenn was a man by the sultan
sultan for his endear was very nice demonstrations.

Finally had a fabulous professional belly dancer and a very difficult one which is very nice with a very energetic dance moves, moving left and offered a very impressive online demonstration belly dancer. finally, the live singer singing songs that were said in any language. english though, especially the songs are very soulful toneignored and continued to live music until 24:00. meüde fix the ones who originally came lots of appetizers entrees, this is a very tasty salad, and I specifically called haydari made from yogurt, grilled chicken as a main course, then I had liked it very much, and then there were a large number of meyvelar seasons. There were lots of sweet milk, and my choice turkish coffee, desserts, and finally my first choice for dinner was lovely with a nice music. which moreover was
transferred to our hotel again.




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Date: 8/1/13
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