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Gallipoli - Troy


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The ancient city of Troy, and is protected as a protected area. Here a large number of daily bus service between Istanbul and Canakkale, and all buses are air conditioned and very comfortable ride. Btad from the city center and built in 2006 and located in Pitt film Troy starring famous actors such as horse statue in the city center exhibited. Approximately 30 minutes from the ancient city of Troy, and this is a place with an open-air museum. the first time since 1986, a very large excavation Turkish and German arkeloglarin work done and restoration works are wonderful. Our guide was very professional and made us in the history troy After a brief information about the tours troy begun. This intervention Hemeros Iley and the war of the gods known as anlatinan odesa epic. Literally as old as human history, this ancient city, which consists of nine separate layers, and each layer is a separate civilization. A large number of documentary films about Troy is in the books, and
each is described in a secret hiding during the war, the castle gate opened at the statue. Troy is a very nice horse statue sculpture. Here are nine distinct layers also many statues from the tomb and artefacts from that period are exhibited.

Canakkale city center, which is part of gallipoli passed to get on the ferry and it's kind of protected area to be protected by the state. Gallipoli is very a wide variety of trees in a wooded area and everywhere, where a place where there are numerous monuments to mezarlaer ANZAC soldiers need to Turks There are graves. Here, under the protection of the tunnel trench war at that time, and many in the military loop. Every year on April 25 austria new zellenda England, mainly organizes a ceremony where people come from many different countries. anzac and gallipoli can be visited every day, if desired. here There is a very nice museum about the first world war, and especially here in austria, new zealand uniforms worn by the soldiers and the war outfit in English and Turkish and on that day, and daily life of military equipment are available from the war of any kind.




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