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"The Serenity Song"

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As Published on Jun 2, 2013 The Stradivarius effect was applied to the violin used in the sound track in this video which is also a spray to create a more interesting loud tone in violins., I was also doing research on our family Crests, Which one of my sisters asked me to search for. I found at least 3 family crests and that my Grandmother was a dutch-es or something of that nature related to the English Royalty, she was contacted by the Queen (I dont know what year) to come to England I am guessing to take over a position. She Was a Farmer with allot of land here in the USA and also Had Brain cancer and was undergoing Doctors care,(which was not very good at the time) and died soon after, leaving whatever position unfilled. interestingly enough my Granfather on my moms side was Alexander from Greece, My Grandmother on my Dads side was Saunders(Alexander the Great family name) based on the family names of Alexander the Great who's family moved to England and intermingled with the royalty there and the name was transformed into Saunders(Alysandre) the names Parker, and the connection to King Arthur as well as the house of David. so I mixed it all together in this montage. I used a 1770 Hopf violin and a 1980 Yamaha acoustic guitar and mixed them together. A small didly of my jump off my blues boogy rock path. I hope you like.




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Date: 8/28/13
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