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Life, Death, War, Human, Nature

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Life on Earth in search of riches,
as time winds down across all bridges.
The lure of gold, diamonds, and more,
the price that others may pay for.
Hopes of living a full life,
for those caught under constant strife.
Lurking around may be the end,
in a world we must amend.
Love and kindness a tool to soothe,
the lost and broken seeking some truth.
Is a better world only a dream,
when violence and war becomes mainstream?
Human nature assuming the fault,
the world it seems may one day halt.

Thank you for viewing, sharing, and if you wish commenting.
Have a great weekend, live for a better world. Photoshop and windows phone, idea from an eye doodle drawn a while back.


1/23/2015 7:12 AM
Truth is deep.

11/19/2013 10:58 AM
The visual matches the lyrics. Great observation!



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Date: 11/16/13
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