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Princess Aura was born from the light. She meets Mariana the Guardian Angel Queen who tells her that her powers come from the light and that she must face the evil of the darkness. Different creatures are born out of the darkness and they keep coming to attack the princess and destroy her. Princess Aura uses the power of the light to form the light prism power attack to defend herself against enemies. The evil Queen Sarindriah wants to take Aura’s powers away and destroy the beautiful Spectrum Kingdom. Spectrum Kingdom is a beautiful land filled with color and happiness. The Guardian Angels live there and the young crystal color girls. Queen Sarindriah wants to absorb all of their colors to obtain more power. Spectrum Kingdom is a magical place. Princess Aura discovers this place and goes there to find rest and protection from the forces of darkness. Keith the brother of the evil Queen Sarindriah is sent on a mission to kidnap the princess but once he sees how beautiful she is he instantly falls in love with her and betrays Sarindriah.

copyright 2014 KM




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Views: 1,376
Date: 2/10/14
Art: Filmmaking