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My Dream

You are my dream.. You gleam and glow and shine And your eyes Your eyes are like the earth Dark and deep Calling me Your smile so white like the clouds I say your name out loud and to myself At the same time Because there is a part of you I want to be mine And only mine I want to come closer to your chest Hear your heart beat Lay my head on your shoulder Like the world is over And you are my afterlife With you is where I find eternal peace I want to breathe the air you breathe Hold your hand Let our fingers intertwine I want to kiss you I want my lips to stay locked on your lips Let the pleasure Run down to my hips Run your hands down my lower back And grip the rounded part of me I want to come open Like a lily in the night On the water Let your firefly Light my womb Plant inside of me The future blooms The smell amazing Like the most exotic aroma Intoxicating You and I We are the love makers Hearts surrounded us And fireworks go off when we When we.make Create this atmosphere Lay me on this lake Where dragonflies and butterflies Multiply and the lily pads are our beds The ripples and waves move as we move up and down See we got this thing This thing between you and I Beyond a vow And Luthers Here and Now Could never play loud enough You are the mate of my soul Perfect match that E harmony could never Make a profile of Because your story would be a book That the angels wrote You are my perfect Dream The one I see clearly The dream that is alive during the day And night I dont have to close my eyes to see you Your touch is spiritual therapy Your black is so beautiful You are my beautiful Dream You gleam and glow and shine Let me lay my head on your shoulder Like the world is over

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Date: 4/7/14
Other: Writing