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lucid dream

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I love this photo of my Jenn... I used psp to try to make it apear dreamlike.
Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. The term was coined by Frederik van Eeden who used the word "lucid" in the sense of mental clarity. Lucidity usually begins in the midst of a dream when the dreamer realizes that the experience is not occurring in physical reality, but is a dream. Often this realization is triggered by the dreamer noticing some impossible or unlikely occurrence in the dream, such as flying or meeting the deceased. Sometimes people become lucid without noticing any particular clue in the dream; they just suddenly realize they are in a dream.

This is how I feel sometimes... Am I Dreaming?? I am just waiting for the impossible to occur to let me know it is.


3/20/2010 6:22 PM Premium
Thanks for uploading this media! We hope to see some more media from you!

4/28/2009 4:58 AM
Would it be mean of me to say that the people who shamed you are FARTKNOCKERS?Jimi you have a beautiful wife.Nice photo.

3/31/2009 2:36 PM
Pro lookin shot to me.

11/8/2008 8:24 AM
I wouldn't worry about the "shames" perhaps people that prowl the site looking for anything that may offend their moral (G rated) standards .. In other words not a artistic vote about your art but a statement about their own narrow views.

10/29/2008 10:03 AM
wow 8 shames... hmmm... I just don't get people on this site...

10/9/2008 6:34 AM
You are nutty boy... ;))))))))))) nice nice :)



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Date: 9/15/08
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