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Ma'ii zo' (Coyote Stars)

Acrylic, Painting, be, Teddy, Draper

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This is what I remember being told about coyote and the stars. During the time when the insects and four legged governed the land, they came together to decide on illuminating the darkness of the night sky. After some discussion and a final decision, the insects were tasked to place the stars methodically into the heavens. The calculations and precision of placing the stars would be a long and tedious process. Without hesitation, they bundled the stars into a blanket and started to work. As they began to place them into the heavens, coyote dropped by and paid a small visit. He asked many questions and was given the scientific and elaborate explanations of the star duties. Not understanding why this had to be done so carefully….and being coyote, he grabbed the blanket and ran….tossing and scattering the remaining stars into the night.
So, are there any other versions out there?


2/26/2010 8:07 AM Premium
Great work! I look forward to seeing some more of your work.



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Date: 9/20/08
Art: Painting