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Griffon Vulture

africa, asia, bald, body, buff

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The Griffon Vulture

It is a typical Old World vulture in appearance, with a white bald head, very broad wings and a short tail. It has a white neck ruff and yellow bill. The buff body and wing coverts contrast with the dark flight feathers.

Like other vultures it is a scavenger, feeding mostly from carcasses of dead animals which it finds by soaring over open areas, often moving in flocks. It grunts and hisses at roosts or when feeding on carrion.

It breeds on crags in mountains in southern Europe, north Africa, and Asia, laying one egg. Griffon Vultures may form loose colonies. The population is mostly resident.


3/8/2010 4:31 PM Premium
Good work! Use the promote tools to get the exposure you deserve.

12/2/2008 9:05 AM
I keep wondering why they are bald. Good photo, famed!

10/25/2008 9:31 AM
i actually think these birds are quite sweet :) in a comical kind of way :)



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