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One Less Gun



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One Less Gun was written by accident really. I never intentionally sat down to write it. It was written and recorded in minutes. In the UK there's loads of gun and knife crime at the moment, so it must have been playing on my mind I guess. A local film company say they want to make a video to go with it now, and try to make kids think a bit, with all proceeds going to charities related to victims of gun and knife crime. I imagineed the video showing an innocent victim of gun crime lying in a hosptital bed with the nurse fussing around him. Then she leans over and asks if there is anything he wants and he whispers in her ear. Then this song starts. The note at the end is the dead tone when he doesn't make it and flatlines. I'll have to record it properly if this video thing goes ahead as I just recorded this version at home, but anyway, see what you think. Regards - Martin Wiseman ( 'John' of the John Wiseman Blues Band )


12/29/2009 9:59 AM Premium
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Date: 11/11/08
Music: Blues