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Smoking?? Is it a JOKE??!!!

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This is a little something my younger two children threw together (with my help :)!!!) in their OWN little war against Children smoking cigarettes...It's really kinda funny how certain types of media really bring out the RUDENESS in others!!! You would NOT believe (well...maybe ya would!!!), how many rude and disrespectful comments I've received on You Tube, ALL in reaction to two children, under the age of 12, trying to have fun while at the same time getting their OWN message across to OTHER youngsters!!! It's called, FREEDOM of SPEECH! I guess that works on both ends...cept', I don't think swearing/cussing is something to 'BRAG' about...right?!!! :) LOL...Oh well...if only these people KNEW how stupid they have made themselves look through their own comments, LOL...Here's the funny part...I LEAVE most of those comments up, so others can see and comment on how these people look...it's really sad though :(!!! ENJOY the video...It's mostly made out of FUN :)~!!!


12/30/2009 9:03 PM
well as they say YOU SMOKE YOU CHOKE!!!!! but i did this time(Fake)

9/27/2009 10:44 AM
I think it's great that your kids want to make a difference and aren't afraid to let their peers see that THEY are making a stand for what they believe in! I wish more kids would speak out about making better choices in their lives!

7/20/2009 2:07 AM
Ya know...this is so SAD...first...something NOT so sad, thank YOU for your SWEET and KIND words girlie girl :)!! Do you KNOW how many NEGATIVE and NASTY comments my kids GOT on YOU TUBE for making and showing this video...dang, sad, huh?!

1/8/2009 1:17 AM
cute but right 2 the point.



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Date: 11/11/08
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