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my own world : countd0wn from seven album 2008

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this song compares a person being locked in a house to a person locked in themselves hense the title my own world. shows how sometimes you can be in the same room and yet not be but be millions of miles away. also references my inability to remain close to people i have not seen in a long time i just loose my comfort with them and become awkward after short periods. the songs last verse shows what happens when people leave i finally come back to the real world and its like im rushing to unlock the door and catch them before they leave i like the visual side of this song that you can almost picture a music video with it. i reference the fractured stairwell which almost was the album title but its this stairway at my work where i make alot of these songs.




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Votes: 2
Views: 1,639
Date: 12/14/08
Music: Alternative