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submerge (first favorite) * altered states of which we thrive 2005

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this song is morbid not sure if its what i wrote it for but this song is dealing with mortality. submerge means either dirt or water. first verse i always picture story like for a music video is a funeral. talks about the otherside. the chorus stay awhile here with me is the mom of a child would be hitting on the casket screaming stay awhile here with me stay. then the second verse goes bacwards to the incident which is a drowning which i was eight and almost drown that makes this song much more instense and this is track 8 freaky huh. but the child drowns and shows in lyrics the fight for life then chorus is when they are trying to resesitate the person. the intense part is the mom comes and is holding the child and again screams stay awhile here with me. its sad had other meanings one of those it takes death to appreciate life things.this was my favorite until my catalyst though lately too far gone was last recorded and now probably my favorite.




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Date: 12/14/08
Music: Alternative