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Voice of the in-between



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This is one of the newest ones i've done.

Stuck inside a memory
The only breath I get
Is when I’m looking
At the lines in the road
Going some place from home

When I’m home
All I see
Is an empty space between
Where I left my soul
To survive

And often I forget
That I’m here
Breathing and being
So is this what they call
In-between of dreams

Laughter only brings me
More memories
Of when time buried
All the voices of the past

When I look, around
I see the faces
And the places
I use to know
But they are not the same

Here I stand
Behind this glass
I see them looking
I can see them speaking
But I hear not a word
Not even a sound

Let me hear the voice
Let me hear the voice
Let me hear the voices
Let me hear the call
Let me hear the call
Let me be true
Let me hear the voice
Let me hear the voice
Let me be true


8/28/2007 10:44 AM
i like this song
its something worth listening to
n ur voice is good



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Date: 8/24/07
Music: Alternative