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Ready 4 Action

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This song has lyrics but seeing as how I've recently been informed I can't sing, I see no reason for going any further on this one.
I'm a tiger on the prowl with a switchblade tail
I'm the crack of the whip with reservations in Hell
I'm a wildfire burning out of control
and I've been knocked down but I'm back for more
Just the sound of my name oughta let ya know
when I come around let the good times roll
'Cause I'm ready
Ready 4 Action
4 satisfaction
I'm ready
burnin' hot
And I'm Ready, ready...ready or not....(here I cum (2x))
Pretty little Missy walkin' down the line
She aint no hoe just needs a good time
She ducked out back with Long Tall Sally
and they did me up right in the middle of the alley
Pretty little Missy from Tenessee
Shoots to kill and she aims to please
Rpt Ch.
I just let the phone ring cuz I'm tired of talkin'
pretty teen queen let my fingers do the walkin'
feel all around for the cream of the crop
and she said, 'Pretty please with a cherry on top?'
I said, 'That's an offer that I can't refuse'
She said, 'Cum on in and kick off yer blues'
Rpt Ch.


2/27/2010 3:35 PM Premium
Nice work! Try to get more votes!



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Date: 9/12/07
Music: Rock