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M.T. as in EMPTY Gas Tank?

man, car, old car

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Another old photo found in my parent's belongings. I don't know who the man is, or why M.T. is painted on the car door. His initials, perhaps? The car has a 1933 Washington state license plate, but I think the photo was actually taken in either Kellogg or Wardner, Idaho.


3/5/2010 11:51 AM Premium
I just came across your media. Great Work! Share this media with your friends and fans to get more votes.

5/30/2009 9:17 PM
And no, the intiails are actually not reversed. Look at the signage. It would be reversed as well. Unless this is a composite of two images, which it proably isn't.

5/30/2009 9:15 PM
First of all, this is the kind of vintage that all art lovers enjoy. A lot of digital artists work tirelessly to recreate the stained, tattered, sepia tone look of true vintage photographs. Always a pleasure to see these.

5/20/2009 6:11 AM
Love this!

1/30/2009 5:40 PM
In looking at this picture, I just realized that the initials are not M.T. Looking again, it appears to be a mirror image...the periods are in front of the letters.

1/30/2009 5:15 PM
This is a good vintage photograph. It has a lot of eye appeal.



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Date: 1/30/09
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