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Weddings, Anniversaries, Social, Parties, Political

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Weddings, Bat Mizvah's, Anniversaries, Corporate, Presentation, Parties, Private Events, Political Agendas, Aerials, Industrial, Fashion, and Modeling. Its my career and my desired to capture all or nothing. Lets work together, professionals and make our lifes much easier and better if we all come to understand each other, collaborate in our career, bring about a nucleolus or standard price tag and make life a little easier when all of us are in the same EARTH, contract and industry. Work together, Love one another and stay alive. The future has a lot of clouds and is very cold. Theirs no CHANGE, the CHANGE is only in our hands, we the Professional, ( i also count on those the other career professional _ Artist, Models, Directors, Music, Painter, Dancers) Please understand and pass it to others. Love Agustin




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Date: 1/31/09
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