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Rocket Racer (Zack)

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This song got one comment on acidplanet.com that really encouraged me! The person who listened to it really got a kick out of it! He said it did sound like something fast!

Anyway, this is written for a comic character of mine! His name is Zack Lectic of my comic, Rocket-X. Rocket-X is a comic about rocket racing around the year 2040! It's a lot like NASCAR, only with rockets... and not as much rednecks. :P This song kinda has a soundtrack feel with a Techno/Dance beat to it. :)

Zack is the main character of the comic Rocket-X. His rocket number is 31-X, but it can also be called Rocket-X. Since the comic was named after Zack's rocket, I decided to make his theme song a lot like the theme to the comic I wrote as well! Anyway, just keep in mind that I wrote this song for something really fast! Rocket racing travelling around 300 or 400 miles per hour!

Also, I think my Rocket-X idea would make a really cool video game one day! So if it did become a game, I have a whole lot of music written out for it! There are 10 racers and I wrote a song for each character, and each song describes their personality! Zack is the lead character, Dexter is his best friend all through school, Penny is the first friend Zack and Dex make from the racing league as she gets an attraction towards Zack, and Zack finds himself becoming attracted to a girl named Alexis... and there's so much more to this comic! I'll have to upload some pictures of it and explain more there! I hope you all like this song! I do, but that's only because it's my song!

Also the only thing recorded in this song is me saying "C'mon." There's no real instruments or anything, just all MIDI from my computer. There is a cool brass and string section, but that's MIDI as well. :)

-here is the comment from acid planet... I'd post it in the comment box, but there's too many characters, or letters. It was so encouraging to me, when I was recently discouraged about my music. :)

"The music is great and gives a great feeling, and definitely has a soundtrack feel to it. Gets me in the mood for something fast. I hope life holds a few more twists and turns in store for Zack and Penny. I love the twist you throw in at 3:30 with the more dramatic sound there - it reminds me of soundtracks from the 70's with that brass sound - kind of like it might have been lifted from a Kung fu movie."


10/30/2009 10:15 AM
This is great stuff



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Date: 2/27/09
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