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The Doovie Brothers

band, cartoon, dubie, brothers, doovie

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This is my cartoon band known as The Doovie Brothers! I created these guys when I was a sophomore in high school (year 2005). These guys are so funny in the songs I've written for them! I am the voices of all of them! These members are (left to right)

Lil' Boe: Keys (piano, organ, keyboard, synthesizer)
Mack McDonald: Gutarist
Doov Groove: Background singer, saxophonist, trombonist, and sometimes trumpeter
Phil Marshall: Lead singer and trumpeter (the main guy of the band)
Toby Tyball: Plays any guitar and string instrument in violin family, bass singer
Johnny Wright: Bass player (any bass)
Jack "Ringo" Blackster: The drummer, he's nick named "Ringo" because of this (like beatles' drummer)

I have so many songs written and recorded for these guys! They're so cool, but most people probably see them as just being plain silly. Also, the website at the bottom isn't real! It was, but I deleted their profile! www.myspace.com/thedooviebros is not in existance! I may end up vreating the profile again, so it may be a real site in the future. :)


10/30/2009 10:16 AM
I'm beginning to think the better the music the more shames it gets on this site. They are just envious. I have people creating profiles just to come beat me up
I love that I am affecting them that much ; ) Besides my music is selling



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Date: 3/2/09
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