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The Doovie Brothers: New Band

band, cartoon, album, brothers, doovie

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This is The Doovie Brothers' first album made! It's called "New Band" because when they made this album, they were a new band. :P

These songs are ok! I'm sure it could have it's improvements, but I'm just glad I have the album finished. :) This album is funny to listen to also. :P

Also, the cover of the CD (the square on the left) was drawn by me, but almost the rest was done by me on paint on the computer. The realistic pictures of drums and instruments and all are from my Cakewalk Music Creator 3. But every picture you see of a Doovie Brother member, I drew and scanned into the computer and put it on this CD cover. :)

Does anyone know how to get piant for computer anyway? Somehow, it must have gotten deleted and I don't have it anymore, meaning I can't make anymore CD's for The Doovie Bros. :P




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Date: 3/2/09
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