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My RX-7 (The Doovie Brothers)

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PLEASE NOTE, this is not my "normal" style of music writing! I don't have much of an interest for Hip-Hop music, but I do like this song! (at least I don't rap) This is a really nice sounding song I think! Others have told me they like it as well.

This song I wrote for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers! Check out their picture on this taltopia profile of mine to get an idea of who they are! Anyway, you can hear the singers at the beginning talking to each other... well, that's me... both voices! Hey, I know this song counts as a music talent, but can it count for voice acting? :P I do that kind of stuff all the time! There's another "talking" section in the 2nd verse... as well as a disturbing fluffy (gas tute). :P

Anyway... pretendingly, Phil Marshall of The Doovie Brothers wrote this song, but I really wrote it! It's about Phil's Mazda RX-7. Trust me, I'm not into cars, but I did like Need for Speed games! That's what this song is inspired by, Need for Speed... specifically the underground games. :)

Also, Phil's favorite saying is "Mate," or "Yeah, mate" because he's Australian! Now, I know Australians don't say "mate" all the time (like in every sentence), and I'm not making fun of Australians (in fact, I like the Australian accent, that's why I gave the accent to Phil), but that kinda gives Phil Marshall a saying! You know, like Robin's is "Holy somethings, Batman" and Spongebob's is "I'm READY!" So yea... and I am all the voices in this song as well as all vocals, but pretendingly, Phil Marshall was lead vocals while Doov Groove was background. :)

Verse 1:
I've got rims, they're as shiny as diamonds in the light.
I also got the neons glowing at night.
Wanna start a fight, or race?

Chorus 1:
I'm pushin' the gas, flyin' so fast!
I'm gonna put you back to the past!
Slidin' the corners, getting close to the borders,
Goin' about 190 down the left lane!

(vocal effect (Phil saying "Yeah mate"))

Verse 2:
Hydrolics movin' my car around! (Doov: ah, cool!)
Shakin' that thing from side to side! (Doov: I wish I had a car like Phil) :P
I like to trick it out (Doov: He likes to trick it out)
Cuz it's my ride! (Doov: Yeah! Yeah!)(Doov: -Flart!-)

Chorus 2 (change left lane to right lane)

I've raced a Viper,
I've raced a Corvette!
I beat them all,
So you can't take me down!

Chorus 3 (change right lane to highway)(repeat)

Haha!!!! The flart before the 2nd chorus gets me everytime! And it's in time with the music too!!! Right on beat 3!!!! Ha!!! If you listen closly in the background vocals in the 2nd chorus (and 3rd), you can hear me trying to keep from laughing. That was because I heard the fart before I recorded me singing it. :) I find gas amusing, when most people don't! If you want to make this song a huge hit, I can take out the fart for you. :)

Ha! Also, I just realized after Doov farts in the 2nd verse, he sings, "I'm pushin' the gas..." HAHHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! Ok, well that was ironic and silly! I didn't intend that to happen! Anyway, I'm done! This is a big description! Sorry! Just enhoy the song! :P




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Date: 3/2/09
Music: Rap / Hip Hop