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We Three Kings (trumpet)

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I wrote this for me to play for church! I was trying to learn We Three Kings on my new Esteban guitar and I just randomly got the thought that it may just sound great on trumpet! Well, I was right! I played this for my home church as well as a small church in St. Paul Virginia near Hamlin. They seemed to get a kick out of it! Of course they probably weren't used to an instrument as loud as a trumpet playing for them at church.

I am playing trumpet in this recording, as well as the rest of the trumpets you hear, all guitars, and there's one section where I play trombone (you have to really listen to hear the trombones... I start playing it about 1 minute and 30 seconds into the song). I went with a more realistic sound in this song! This song shows how talented I really am! Playing guitars, trombones, and trumpets, but the trumpet is what I'm best at musically. The only things that are MIDI in this song are drums, bass, and some strings at the end. So basically, it's like hearing a band of Bens. :P

I hope you like this song! I wrote it right on the spot! I didn't write it out on paper and have time to think it out professionally! In fact, I wrote it ALL one morning and played it for my youth group the very same night! I just sat with my computer, mic, trumpet, trombone, and guitar and just kept adding what I thought might sound good... so I guess I was just kinda going with the flow... that's the best way to play music I think... not having certain music to read, just make it up as you go. :)

-Ben Mullins


10/30/2009 10:22 AM



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Date: 3/2/09
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